A Morning
Ride to Work

Biking to work is one of the highlights of my daily routine. I've been doing it for over 9 years and in that time, commuting on two wheels has become part of who I am.

Throughout those 9 years many things changed from the bike I rode to the gear I wore and the routes I took. What stayed constant was my fascination with riding a bicycle whether it rained, snowed or it was hot beyond comfort.

Last week was National Bike to Work Day and I wanted to do something to celebrate that day. I recorded stats from the moment I got on my bike to the time I arrived to my office. This snapshot of my morning commute is a good reminder of what happens every day I bike to work and why I love doing it.


4.51 mi


15:17 min

Avg. Speed




Cross Streets


  1. SE Taylor St
  2. SE Salmon St
  3. SE Madison St
  4. SE Hawthorne Blvd
  5. SE Clay St
  6. SE Market St
  7. SE Caruthers St
  8. SE Division Pl
  9. SE Ivon St
  10. SE Spokane St
  11. SE Tacoma St
  12. SE Umatilla St
  13. SE Harney St
  14. SE Marion St
Cross Streets Map